【①Research】Research and Development for QoL Improvement Based on Micro/Nano Technology

  • Development of bio-interface technology for brain-multiorgan coordination analysis and investigation of the causes of neurological diseases, etc.
  • Micro-nano technology for quantitative evaluation of the relationship between diet and cardiovascular health
  • Pain-free microneedle dosing technology
  • Integrated electronics technology for bioimplantable measurement devices
  • Environmental power generation technology that generates electricity from heat, vibration, electromagnetic waves, etc. to drive QoL measurement devices, etc.

【②Research Assessment】Assessment of new technologies from the viewpoint of fusion of humanities and sciences

  • Examination from a humanities and sociology perspective of the limits of intervention of new technologies in the brain, perception, life, etc.
  • Presentation of multifaceted viewpoints for the development of technology that will be widely accepted in Japan, Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

【③Human resource development】Cultivation of young researchers’ research capabilities through international networking

  • Cultivation of research skills of young researchers through international joint research with overseas partner research institutions
  • Workshops/International Schools for introducing cutting-edge research cases for graduate students and young researchers, held in rotation with overseas partner research institutions
  • Research management skills training for administrative staff and URAs through international joint research


LIMMS KIKO, (LIMMS =“Laboratories for International Research on Multi-disciplinary Micro Systems”) was established April 1st 2021 for a period of 10 years and is based on the LIMMS/CNRS-IIS IRL 2820, which has been managed by CNRS and IIS for 25 years as a Japan-France collaborative research center, in order to transcend departmental boundaries and comprehensively bring in the intellectual creativities of the University of Tokyo.